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Fooda is an online food ordering and delivery service that connects businesses with local restaurants. It provides employees with a variety of meal options at their workplace, allowing them to enjoy restaurant-quality food without ever leaving the office. Customers can special order meals from a variety of local restaurants, customize their orders, and have the food delivered directly to their office.

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Come and Celebrate Your Moment!
Powered by technology, Fooda provides awesome food at reasonable prices to employees while at work. Fooda brings fantastic local restaurants right to you.

Our Promise When You Have Fooda At Work
You work hard, race to meet deadlines and squeeze every ounce of ingenuity into your work. At Fooda, we believe your meals should be an opportunity to recharge and enjoy a moment of delight in your otherwise active day. If you work at a place where Fooda is an option, then your employer or building manager cares about you and your appetite for food from really good restaurants.