How to Create an Effective Delivery Menu

This topic covers the strategies, methods and techniques restaurants can use to create an effective delivery menu. It outlines ways to optimize the menu for delivery, such as by offering items that travel well and creating meal bundles.

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Stay organized: Create a menu that is organized and easy to understand. Make sure to list items in clear, logical categories that are easy to navigate.
Consider delivery-friendly items: Choose items that travel well and won’t get soggy or mess up in transit. Think about items that can be consumed without utensils.
Offer meal bundles: Create meal bundles that combine items into convenient packages. For example, you could offer a “Pizza and Wings” bundle or a “Burger and Fries” bundle.
Include combo deals: Offer combo deals that allow customers to choose multiple items at a reduced price.
Feature popular items: Highlight the most popular items on your menu. Think about items that customers order the most and make sure to feature those prominently.
Add extras and sides: Make sure to include extras and sides that customers can add to their orders.
Update regularly: Keep your menu up to date by adding new items and removing outdated ones.
Optimize for online ordering: Make sure to optimize your menu for online ordering. Include clear descriptions, photos, and prices for each item.
Promote specials: Promote specials, such as discounts and promotional items, to encourage customers to order.
Test and measure: Test different menu items to see which ones perform best. Track order data to measure and analyze performance.