Best Practices for Upselling During Delivery

The methods and tactics restaurants can employ to persuade customers to purchase additional items when they place a delivery order. It discusses how to use menu design, customer segmentation, and other techniques to effectively upsell during delivery.

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Utilize Menu Design: Design your menu to highlight items that are good for upselling. Make sure your most profitable items are easy to find and have clear descriptions. Highlight items that are frequently ordered together, such as a side dish or dessert.
Target Customers with Personalized Offers: Use customer segmentation to identify customers who are likely to be interested in upsells. Personalize your offers based on their past order history or preferences. 
Offer Special Deals: Create special deals and discounts that are only available when customers order delivery. This can help encourage customers to purchase additional items.
Use Suggestive Selling: Train your staff to suggest additional items when customers are placing their order. This can be done over the phone or through a website or app.
Use Incentives: Offer small incentives, such as freebies or discounts, to encourage customers to order additional items.
Leverage Social Media: Share information about your delivery specials on social media to draw attention to your upsell options.